2007 District 17 Enduro Results


Ryan Moss Director


To view some of the results you will need Adobe Reader, you can download a free version here


Note: The Family enduros do not pay points in District 17.  We hope to grow these events and 

add them to the points paying series in the future.  Please attend them with your family to 

show support for them.


Date Club Name Event Name Location Results
March 25, 2007 Little Egypt M/C Big Dawg Enduro Marion, IL  Posted
March 31, 2007  Forest City Riders  Mini Hawk Family Enduro Leaf River, IL Posted
November 10th, 2007 Black Hawk Trails Enduro
April 21, 2007  Grand Kankakee Trail Riders  Sand Booger Family Enduro Roselawn, IN  Posted
April 22, 2007 Sand Goblin Enduro Posted
October 28, 2007 Turkey Scratch Enduro Riders  Skunk River Enduro Fremont, IA  Canceled
August 11, 2007  Hill and Gully Riders Little Summer Bummer Enduro Roselawn, IN   Posted
August 12, 2007 Summer Bummer Enduro Roselawn, IN 
September 9, 2007 Des Moines Enduro Riders Rattlesnake Enduro Winterset, IA Posted
September 29, 2007 WFO Promotions  Silver Dollar Shootout Day 1 Geneseo, IL  Posted 
September 30, 2007 Silver Dollar Shootout Day 2
Ocotober 13, 2007 Muddobbers M/C   Family Enduro Upland, IN Posted
October 14, 2007 Adult Enduro  Posted
October 20, 2007 Grand Kankakee Trail Riders  Fall Family Enduro Roselawn, IN  Posted
October 21, 2007 Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders  Big Red Enduro White City, IL Posted
The Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Big Red Enduro is the State Championship Event (non-double points)
November 3, 2007 Riders M/C Turkey Creek Enduro Day 1 Goshen, IN  Posted
November 4, 2007 Turkey Creek Enduro Day 2  Posted