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Welcome to, created and updated by Ryan Moss.  My hopes are to post news about upcoming enduro events, results from each race, and points standings from each series.  The series that I try to cover are: AMA District 14, 16, 17, 23 and IERA events.  I will try to provide a simple and efficient way of getting the information out to the Midwest Enduro Riders.




I want to help promote your event and to provide information to the riders.  So get your information to me and I will get it posted up for you.  I can post before / after race information, route sheets, results, etc.  Preferred methods are Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF Files.


New Enduro Riders:


Please check out the About Enduros tab to get information about the sport of enduros.  Lots of your questions can be answered there.




Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Some schedules are out and some are getting closer to being posted.  The ones I know of are posted or have links posted below.  Working on a master schedule to posted on the schedule page still. 

District 17 Banquet Information:

Banquet date is 1/28, more information HERE

District 14 Off Road Banquet Information:

Banquet date is 2/25, more information HERE

District 23 Off Road Banquet Information:

Banquet date is 2/11, more information HERE

74 Promotions Extreme Enduro Info:

If you've never done this event you should put it on the calendar.  The 74 crew puts on a great event and while it's endurocross it's not pro level endurocross and ride able by all.  And they have practice Friday night so you can get use to the course. 

Dates: Practice 2/3, Race 2/4, Location: Waterloo, IA

Event Info 

District 14 Enduro Schedule is out:

April 16 - Sand Goblin Enduro - Roselawn, IN
July 30 - Bark Buster Enduro - Bentley, MI
August 12 - Summer Bummer Saturday - Roselawn, IN *ADDED EVENT*
August 13 - Summer Bummer - Roselawn, IN
August 20 - Jack Pine Enduro - Moorestown, MI
October 1 - Covered Bridge Enduro - Matthews, IN (NEPG)
November 5 - Turkey Creek Enduro - New Paris, IN
November 12 - Peace Pipe Enduro - Greenville, OH

2023 Family Enduro Schedule

April 15 - Sand Booger - Roselawn, IN
May 20 - Pine Cone Spring - Moorestown, MI
June 10 - Muddobbers Family - Matthews, IN
July 15 - Eagle, MI
July 29 - Weed Whacker - Bentley, MI
August 19 - Pine Cone - Moorestown, MI
September 9 - Fallen Timbers Family - Toledo, OH
September 23 - Little Tomahawk - Greenville, OH
October 14 - Fife Lake Family - Fife Lake, MI
November 4 - Turkey Gobbler - New Paris, IN

MI Sprint Enduro Schedule is out:


IERA Enduro Schedule is out:

Jun 11 Dallas, IA
Jul 9 Mora, MN
Jul 22 Dayton, IA
Jul 23 Dayton, IA
Jul 30 Fremont, IA
Oct 1 Bartlett, IA
Oct 15 Geneseo, IL

District 23 Enduro Schedule is out:


ACES Enduro Schedule is out:


 General FYI about scoring and protest period:

This season many of the clubs and directors from the Midwest Enduro series have received more than the usual amount of communications about a riders score being wrong long after the event and protest period is over.  Per the AMA rules once the protest period is over the results are final.  What this means is it's the riders responsibility to stay and make sure your score is correct, your class is correct, etc. not bail to get home early and then call, txt, email that night or two days later that you score was wrong and it should be fixed; classes can be fixed but that should be done before you leave the event.  Yes I know everyone has a long drive and sometimes you just have to leave so if that is the case have a buddy check for you.  While it's no fun for you to have a messed up score it's no fun for a rider to think he got X place at the event then when points are posted he got X.  And truth be told it's no fun for the clubs and the Directors of each series to be in the middle of that.  So please stay or have your score checked, especially if you are a pointís chaser and want the correct score / points.



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