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Randy Hatcher Sportsman of the Year Award


The Randy Hatcher Sportsman of the Year Award is a District 17 award dedicated to Randy and his family.  Randy passed away at the 2001 Sand Goblin and has been missed ever since.  Randy was a long time Hill and Gully member and was a true sportsman.  No matter how good or bad his day went he always had a smile at the end of the day.  Randy was always joking with fellow riders and would help out just about everyone.  With his passing we all lost a great enduro rider and fellow competitor.  


This award is given to fellow riders that display true sportsmanship throughout the year.  The Hill and Gully members give final approval of each award winner, but all riders can recommend riders or pit crews throughout the year.  


The award is given out each year at the District 17 banquet.  The winners do not know ahead of time so when their name(s) are called it's always a shock to them.  


2020 the award was stopped

2019 Winner: Ron Whipple

2018 Winner: Eric Shafer

2017 Winner: Amy Caballero

2016 Winner: Tom Elliott

2015 Winner: DJ Ryan

2014 Winner: Tom Krivi

2013 Winner: Jay and Tammy Hall

2012 Winner: Dave Edsal

2011 Winner: Steve Pawlak

2010 Winners: Stan and Linda Szlachciuk

2009 Winner: Heath Drone

2008 Winner: Adam Vanopdorp

2007 Winner: Greg Moss

2006 Winner: Richard Mertes


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