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Welcome to, created and updated by Ryan Moss.  My hopes are to post news about upcoming enduro events, results from each race, and points standings from each series.  The series that I try to cover are: AMA District 14, 16, 17, 23 and IERA events.  I will try to provide a simple and efficient way of getting the information out to the Midwest Enduro Riders.




I want to help promote your event and to provide information to the riders.  So get your information to me and I will get it posted up for you.  I can post before / after race information, route sheets, results, etc.  Preferred methods are Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF Files.


New Enduro Riders:


Please check out the About Enduros tab to get information about the sport of enduros.  Lots of your questions can be answered there.




Muddobbers Enduro Review:

Well all reports that I got said the event was perfect.  Early minutes were a little slippery, middle minutes were really good, and late minutes a little rough.  Full results are posted below.  



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Support Jeff on his 34th ISDE and get a cool t-shirt.  I'm sure he'll have some at Upland this weekend or you can order online.  

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South Eastern Wisconsin Enduro Riders Cranberry Bog Enduro Results:


District 17 Enduro Points Updated:

Points    Let me know if there are any issues. 

Muddobbers Enduro Updates:

I haven't gotten anything official from the club but on thier FaceBook page they stated they took the river crossings out.  I've also seen a couple pictures posted of the river being way up so I assume the club will be making adjustments to the trail to make a great event. 

Everyone have fun as I'll miss another event while my finger heals up more.  

Check out the National Enduro site for more updates.    Row Assignments


South Eastern Wisconsin Enduro Riders Cranberry Bog Enduro Review:

All reports are that it was a great day and a great enduro.  As soon as a get full results I'll get them posted.

Top 4:

1st - JD Friebel Keytime Motosports Husky

2nd - Anthony Krivi Niehaus Cycles Yamaha

3rd - Chase Robinson Woodstock KTM

4th - Pete Laubmeier Funmart Cycle KTM

Singletrack Off-Road Events Grizzly / Baby Bear Update:

Yesterday was a great day to be an enduro rider!

The Grizzly crew served up a singletrack smorgasbord, and if you didn't have at least one yee-haw section, you must not have been riding today.

Fun - fast - flowing - no flow - gnarly - rooty - rocky - sandy - slithery - muddy - greasy - grassy - gravely - uphill - downhill.... With plenty of bark sampling to keep you in-line.

A great crew of volunteers, generous landowners, and perfect weather all came together.

Overall Top 10
1. Jordan Mapes (came out of retirement to capture GC!)
2. Cody Mastin
3. Chris Gallt
4. Alan Randt
5. Kiel Mueller
6. Martin Ryerson
7. Ron Scharphorn
8. Tom Zettel
9. Richard Scharphorn
10. Kevin Allen

Full Results


Riders MC Turkey Creek Pre-Entry Info:

Online Pre-Entry is now open, ends 10/26/14:  Pre-Entry    Flyer 


South Eastern Wisconsin Enduro Riders Cranberry Bog Enduro Update:

Received this from the club:

All the trails are ready, and we have a good mix of every type of terrain. The weather forecast is good for Sunday. And the trails are in great condition from last weekend rain. For anyone who plans on camping overnight Friday and Saturday, the gate will be open Friday morning. Please carry out your trash and no fires. We do not want to lose the use of the property. Also at the request of the land owners, no one is allowed to park near the beach and surrounding camp area. There is a lot of available parking in the field. Sign up will be at the FLY RACING tents at the end of the field. The flyer has a mistake on it showing the Sunday signup times incorrectly. It is actually 8-10. Also riders meeting will be at 9:30.  

Route Sheet    Flyer

Note:  I will not be able to make it this weekend.  I decided to try to cut off the tip of my finger and break the bone into a few pieces last weekend.  If someone can provide me with a quick update after the event I'd love to post it up.


Lansing MC Jack Pine Enduro Results:

Pine Cone results    Jack Pine Results    Rider Survey

Family Enduro Series Fall Family Classic Enduro Flyer:


District 17 Schedule Update:

The Little Egypt Big Dawg Enduro will not be scheduled this year.  Please pass the word.


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