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Enduro Information for Newbie's


I will be trying to put up some information for new enduro riders to learn the basics and hopefully get started in the great sport of enduros.  Most of what will be posted are links to other sites that already have great information.  No need for me to re-write everything that is already out there.  If a link doesn't work please let me know.  If you find a good link please let me know and I will post it up here too.


A brief description of enduros from the site:


Enduro Description


Some good articles by Chuck Marler of the District 7 Website:


Enduro Basics


Riding your first Event


Passing Etiquette


Some great articles from Paul Clipper of Trail Rider Magazine:


Enduro Basics


Advanced Timekeeping part 1


Advanced Timekeeping part 2


Timekeeping with a computer


Enduro Tips and Tricks


Items needed to know / race in a typical Midwest District enduro:


You will need to be a member of the AMA


You will need to be a member of the District you live in:


District 14 = MI, District 16 = WI, District 17 = IL District 22 = IA, District 23 = MN


At the majority of D15, D17, & D22 events your bike will have to be street legal.  This means different things for different clubs so always check with the promoting club to see their requirements.  


At the majority of all Districts in the Midwest you will need a spark arrestor.  Again check with the promoting club to see their requirements.  


District 23 (and some District 16 events) conduct sound checks at all events and you must pass at 96db or lower to enter.  Expect this to happen in other districts soon.


Entry fees are set by the clubs but are typically in the $30-50 range for a one day event.  There is not typically an gate fee for enduros except at the closed course enduros in D17.


Most enduros have a Key Time (start time) of either 9:00 or 10:00am with many clubs having Saturday night sign up and Sunday morning signup available.


I tend to guess that most Midwest Enduros are between 60 and 80 miles in length.  Some events run two loops of the same course while others still have enough land to run one long loop.


Gas stops (or a Gas available) are typically no more then 30 miles apart.  This is something to find out from the club as you may need more then one gas can to put at different locations to make the whole event.  Sometimes the club will run a gas trailer where you can put your gas can on it and they take it to the gas stop.  Sometimes the club doesn't offer this and it's up to you to get you gas to the gas stop area.  This is good to know ahead of time.


If you have more questions please look for a flyer on the event you are going to attend on the Enduro schedules page.  You can also contact me and I'll try to answer your questions.





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